Infrastructure Grants & Loans

Department of Agriculture

Agricultural Marketing and Business Development - Business Development, Growth through Agriculture, Domestic Marketing Assistance, International Marketing and Industry and Commodity Development.

Department of Commerce, Community Development

State and Federally funded grant programs designed to help communities with community development needs.

Department of Commerce, Housing Division

Grant funds for units of local government and community housing organizations to develop affordable housing for persons of low income.

Department of Commerce, Montana Finance Information Center

Provides summary information for the most significant financing resources available from state, federal, and local institutions.

Department of Environmental Quality

Includes Energy Improvements, Pollution Controls, Wetlands and more.

Wastewater and Solid Waste Action Coordinating Team (WASACT)

Through the Conservation & Resource Development Division. Includes Water, Wastewater and Solid Waste Action Coordinating Team (WASACT), Range Improvement, Wetlands, Renewable Resource, Drinking Water and more.

Department of Transportation, CTEP

The Community Transportation Enhancement Program is a reimbursement program, not a grant program. Typical projects include bicycle and pedestrian paths, sidewalks, landscaping and historic preservation. Projects must meet eligibility criteria from at least one of twelve specific categories. Funds are allocated annually to County, City and Tribal governments - applications are accepted only from these agencies.