1227 11th Ave, 2nd Floor
PO Box 202501 Helena, MT 59620-2501
General Information, P.O. Box 202501, Helena, MT 59620-2501 444-3095
Toll Free Number 1-888-231-9393
Web site
TTY 1300 11th Ave. Reception Desk 444-0235
TTY 1227 11th Ave. Reception Desk 444-0169

Superintendent of Public Instruction

1227 Eleventh Ave, 2nd Floor
Helena, MT 59620
Superintendent of Public Instruction, Elsie Arntzen 444-5644
Executive Assistant to Superintendent, Alisha Marstaeller 444-5658
Interim Deputy Superintendent, Dr. Tim Tharp 444-7325
Director of Policy and Planning, Sam Rubino 444-3168
Director of Education Services, Susie Hedalen 444-3449
Senior Office Administrator, Susan Kohn 444-3160
Administrative Clerk, Christine Tharp 444-5643
Federal Policy Director and Media Assistant, Dylan Klapmeier 444-3559
FAX 444-2893

Legal Division

1227 11th Ave, 2nd Floor
PO Box 202501 Helena, MT 59620-2501

Chief Legal Counsel, Kyle Moen 444-4402
Early Assistance Program Director, Mandi Gibbs 444-5664
Legal Administrative Officer, Nicole Hanni 444-3172
Paralegal, Bev Marlow 444-4402
FAX 444-2893

Educator Licensure (Certification) Program

1201 11th Ave, 1st Floor
PO Box 202501 Helena, MT 59620-2501

Program Manager, Kristine Thatcher 444-3150
Licensing Specialist, Lorri Weiss 444-3150
Licensing Specialist, Bekki Flanagan 444-3150
Renewal Units/Approved Providers 444-3150
FAX 444-0743

Human Resources

1227 11th Ave, 2nd Floor
PO Box 202501 Helena, MT 59620-2501

Human Resource Manager, Tom Antonick 444-3161
Human Resource Specialist, Dennie Munro 444-2673
Human Resource Specialist, Kristy Schaan 444-2673
EEO /Title IX, Tom Antonick 444-3161
FAX 444-1369


1300 11th Ave 2nd Floor
Helena, MT 59620
Assistant Superintendent, BJ Granbery 444-4420
Program Specialist, Tobie Liedes 444-2417
Reception/Referral 1300 11th Avenue, Emily Fuller 444-3693
ESEA/NCLB Consolidated Application, BJ Granbery 444-5541
U.S. Senate Youth Scholarship, Tobie Liedes 444-2417
Robert C. Byrd Scholarship, Tobie Liedes 444-2417
FAX 444-1373

Accreditation and Educator Preparation Division

1300 11TH Ave. 2nd Floor
Helena, MT 59620
Division Administrator, Linda Vrooman Peterson 444-5726
Director of Professional Learning and Technology Support, Michael Hall 444-4422
Accreditation Program Director, Patty Muir 444-4317
Accreditation Data Specialist, Nathan Miller 444-2410
Administrative Specialist, Rehanna Olson 444-3114
Blue Ribbon Schools, Rehanna Olson 444-3114
E-Rate, Michael Hall 444-4422
Gifted/Talented & RESA Specialist, Julia Cruse 444-0769
Higher Education Act Title II, Linda Vrooman Peterson 444-5726
Instructional Technology, Michael Hall 444-4422
Middle School Reviews, Michael Hall 444-4422
PIR Information, Nathan Miller 444-2410
Educator Preparation, Linda Vrooman Peterson 444-5726
Title II, Part A, State Level Activities, Kimberly Vinson 444-1852
FAX 444-1373

Content Standards & Instruction

Division Administrator, Colet Bartow 444-3583
Administrative Assistant, Marjorie O'Rourke 444-3538
Library-Information Literacy Content Standards & Instruction Specialist, Vacant 444-3583
Science Content Standards & Instruction Specialist, Michelle McCarthy 444-3537
English Language Arts & Literacy Content Standards & Instruction Specialist, Christy Mock-Stutz 444-0736
Mathematics Content Standards & Instruction Specialist, Jacob Warner 444-0706
On-line Professional Learning Instructional Coordinator, Jessica Bryant 444-3557
FAX 444-1373

Audiovisual Library

Western Montana College, Dillon, MT 683-7492

Career, Technical, and Adult Education Division

1300 11th Ave, 2nd Floor
Helena MT 59620
Division Administrator, Career, Technical, and Adult Education, T.J. Eyer 444-7915
Accountability Specialist, Christy Hendricks 444-9019
Adult Basic & Literacy Education Unit Manager, Katie Spalinger 444-4443
Adult Education Administrative Specialist, Carol Flynn 444-1691
Agricultural Education Specialist, Vacant 444-4451
Business and Marketing Education Specialist, Eric Swenson 444-7991
Carl D. Perkins Grant Administrator, T.J. Eyer 444-7915
Montana Options Program Specialist to HSE, Marianne Schomaker 444-4438
Family and Consumer Sciences Education Specialist, Megan Vincent 444-3599
Health Science Education Specialist, Renee Harris 994-6986
Industrial Trades and Technology Specialist, Don Michalsky 444-4452
Veterans Ed Director & IHL/NCD and OJT/APP Program Manager, Kenneth Gemlich 444-4122
FAX 444-1373

Educational Opportunity and Equity Division

1300 11th Ave, 1st Floor
PO Box 202501 Helena, MT 59620-2501
Division Administrator & Title I-Part A Director, Debbie Hunsaker  
Title I-Part A Assistant Director, Jack O'Connor 444-0733
Title I-Part A, Title I-Part D Neglected/Delinquent and Homeless Specialist, Heather Denny 444-3551
Title I Administrative Assistant, Shawna Pieske 444-5660
Title I Administrative Assistant, Vacant 444-0906
Student Loan Cancellation, Shawna Pieske 444-5660
Title I Fax for the above 444-3924
Title I Instructional Innovations Unit Director, Vacant 444-0733
Title I Instructional Innovations Specialist, (Colstrip) Gwen Poole 431-5674
Title I Instructional Innovations Specialist, Tara Ferriter-Smith 444-0758
Preschool Administrative Assistant, Paula Clinch 444-4431
Title I Instructional Innovations Administrative Assistant, Sheri Harlow 444-0864
Preschool Specialist, Jill Christensen 444-0466
Title II - Part A Grants to Districts, Vacant 444-2736
Title VI, Rural Education Initiative, Vacant 444-2736
Title I Instructional Innovations, Title II, and Title VI Fax 444-1373
Migrant Education (Title I, Part C) Director, Angela Branz-Spall 444-2423
Migrant Education Hotline 1-800-580-0740
Migrant Statewide Field Offices, Bruce Day at Rural Employment Opportunities 442-7850
Migrant Program Assistant, Vacant 444-0906
Migrant Fax Line 449-7105
Early Reading First (Title I, Part B) Director, Vacant 444-0733
Early Reading First Specialist, Tara Ferriter-Smith 444-0758
Early Reading First Specialist, Terri Barclay 444-0753
Early Reading First Administrative Program Specialist, Sheri Harlow 444-0864
Early Reading First Fax 444-1373
Striving Readers Director, Vacant 444-0733
Striving Readers Specialist, Tara Ferriter-Smith 444-0758
Striving Readers Specialist, Terri Barclay 444-0753
Striving Readers Specialist, (Colstrip) Gwen Poole 438-5674
Striving Readers Fax 444-1373
Title I School Support Unit Director, (School Improvement Advisors/School Improvement Consultants), Kathi Tiefenthaler 444-1872
Title I School Support Specialist, Leslie Mills 444-0686
Title I School Support Coordinator, Lisa Griffin 444-0686
Title I School Support Fax 444-1373

Indian Education Division

1300 11th Ave, 1st Floor
PO Box 202501 Helena, MT 59620-2501

Indian Educaton Director, Mandy Smoker-Broaddus 444-3013
Title III Indian Education Specialist/Bilingual Education, Natalee Hawks 444-3482
Indian Education Administrative Assistant, Joan Franke 444-3694
Indian Education Specialist, Stephen Morsette 444-7490
Indian Education Curriculum Coordinator, Vacant 444-0754
Indian Education Specialist, Mike Jetty 444-0720
Indian Education Specialist, Jennifer Stadum 444-0725
Indian Education Specialist, Sarah Pierce 444-0726
FAX (Unit) 444-3924

Measurement & Accountability Unit

1300 11th Ave, 1st Floor
PO Box 202501 Helena, MT 59620-2501

Division Administrator, Susan Mohr 444-0793
Data Collections Bureau Chief, Jamey Ereth 444-4409
AIM Unit Manager, Gail Harms 444-3494
School Staffing Project Manager, Danielle Murphy 444-1625
Research & Analysis Manager, Assessment, Scott Furois 444-3545
Research & Analysis Manager, Miriam Naiman-Sessions 444-4527
Research & Analysis Manager, Achievement Gap, Eric Meredith 444-3642
Research & Analysis Manager, Preschool Program, Silvana Hackett 444-7490
Research & Analysis Manager, Title Programs, DJ QuirinMai 444-4434
Business Analyst, Joe Hamilton 444-0475
GEMS Stakeholder Liaison, Robin Clausen 444-3793
K-20 Data and Research Analyst, Brett Carter 444-2080
Data Information Specialist, Andy Boehm 444-0375
Home/Private Schools Information Coordinator, Lindy Miller 444-6774
K20 Research Analyst, Daniel Bruce 444-1610
Student Records Manager, Candi Standall 444-3495
NAEP State Coordinator, Ashley McGrath 444-3450
AIM Help Desk/Student Records, Jennifer Straw 444-0714
State Assessment Director, Jessica Eilertson 444-3656
Assessment Coordinator, Yvonne Field 444-0748
Assessment Administration Specialist, Marcy Fortner 444-3511
FAX 444-3924

Health Enhancement and Safety Division

1201 11th Ave, 1st and 2nd Floor
PO Box 202501 Helena, MT 59620-2501
Division Administrator, Karin Olsen Billings 444-0829
FAX 444-2955

Coordinated School Health Unit

1201 11th Ave, 1st and 2nd Floor
PO Box 202501 Helena, MT 59620-2501

School Health Unit Director, Tracy Moseman 444-3000
Administrative Assistant, Leona Wetherall 444-0751
Health/Physical Education, Susan Court 444-3178
Emergency Planning for Schools, Amanda Domino 444-1964
School Health Profiles, Susan Court 444-3178
Successful, Safe and Healthy Students, Coordinated School Health, Tracy Moseman 444-3000
Suspension/Expulsion Data Collection, Amanda Domino 444-1964
21st Century Community Learning Centers Program Coordinator, Mary Ellen Earnhardt 444-3519
21st Century Community Learning Center Data Specialist, Amanda Domino 444-1964
Project AWARE Program Manager, Holly Mook 444-0773
Tobacco Prevention Education Specialist, Kris Minard 444-0785
Youth Risk Behavior Survey, Susan Court 444-3178
FAX 444-2955

School Nutrition Programs Unit

School Nutrition Program Director, Christine Emerson 444-2502
School Nutrition Program Assistant Director, Teresa Motlas 444-3532
Administrative Assistant, Clay Hickman 444-2501 
Data Analyst, Ali Wolf 444-4413
Summer Food Service Program Manager, Missoula, Emily Dunklee 461-9917
Program Specialist, Vacant 444-3532
School Breakfast Program Manager, Bozeman, Tara Ray 431-2920
Program Specialist, Helena, Jill Griffin 444-3574
Fresh Fruit Vegetable Program Manager, Helena, Camille McGoven 444-4415
Food Distribution Program Manager, Tessa Bailly 444-4412
Montana Team Nutrition Program Director, Katie Bark (MSU) 994-5641
Foodservice and Nutrition Education Trainer, Assistant Director, Molly Stenberg (MSU-Bozeman) 994-7217
Nutrition Education/Farm to School Trainer, Aubree Roth (MSU-Bozeman) 994-5996
Administrative Assistant, Mary Ann Harris (MSU-Bozeman) 994-5397
FAX (School Nutrition Programs) 444-2955
FAX (Montana Team Nutrition Program) 994-7300

Traffic Education Unit

Traffic Education Director, Fran Penner-Ray 444-4396
Program Specialist, Patricia Borneman 444-4432
FAX 444-2955

Non-OPI Health and Safety

Immunization, DPHHS 444-6978
TB Testing Requirements, DPHHS 444-0275
Motorcycle Safety Education, MSU Northern, Jim Morrow 1-800-922-BIKE

Special Education Division

1300 11th Ave, 1st Floor
PO Box 202501 Helena, MT 59620-2501
Division Administrator, Frank Podobnik 444-4428
IDEA Part B Program Manager, Dick Trerise 444-4429
Information, Project REAL, Administrative Assistant, Kelley Brown 444-5661
Part B Administrative Officer, Marlene Wallis 444-2504
CSPD/MBI/SIG Secondary Transition Administrative Specialist, Melissa Niemi 444-0037
Hearing Conservation Program, Marlene Wallis 444-2504
Data Accountability Specialist, Anne Rainey 444-4430
Data Accountability Specialist, Mary Graff 444-0685
Data Accountability Specialist, Jan Duiker 444-7432
Hearing Conservation Program, Kelley Brown 444-5661
Early Assistance Program Director, Mandi Gibbs 444-5664
IDEA Instructional Strategies Specialist/RTI Coordinator, Vacant 444-0923
School Improvement/Compliance Specialist, Ruth Miller 444-1579
School Climate Transformation Coordinator, Iris Ziegler 444-0794
Autism Specialist, Doug Doty 459-5303
Personnel Development Grant Specialist, Annette Young 444-0299
School Improvement/Preschool/Monitoring Specialist, Danielle McCarthy 444-0452
School Improvement/Compliance Specialist, Jenifer Cline 444-4426
School Improvement/Compliance Unit Manager, Dale Kimmet 444-0742
School Improvement/Compliance Specialist, Marla Swanby 444-0044
Professional Development Unit Manager - School Improvement Initiative Director / CSPD / Montana Behavioral Initiative / Significant Needs Services, Susan Bailey-Anderson 444-2046
Program Improvement Specialist, Erin Butts 444-0688
FAX 444-3924


1227 11th Ave. 1st Floor, Helena, MT 59620
PO Box 202501 Helena, MT 59620
Assistant Superintendent, Ken Bailey 444-2562
Reception/Referral 1227 11th Ave, Nancy Harrel a.m. & Eileen Burns p.m. 444-3680
FAX 444-1369

Centralized Services Division

1227 11th Ave. 1st Floor, Helena, MT 59620
PO Box 202501 Helena, MT 59620
Division Administrator, Jay Phillips 444-4523
Accounting Supervisor, Charlotte McMilin 444-2561
Accounts Receivable/Federal Reporting, Heather Zimmer 444-1961
Budget Analyst, Lynnette Lake 444-2563
Graphic Design Specialist, Ellen Leidl 444-4424
E-Grants Coordinator, Elle Arredondo 444-7841
E-Grants Designer/Ed Facts Coordinator, Karla Beagles 444-0764
Payroll, Carol Loomis 444-4407
Purchasing Agent, Carol Monroe 444-4404
State and Federal Grants Accountant, Leisa Blanton 444-4403
Procurement Technician, Randy Nielsen 444-3504
State and Federal Grants Accountant, Juli Tenneson 444-3408
Accounting Technician, Whitney Williams 444-0768 
Accounting Technician, Patty Niemi 444-3692
Mail Room, Lee Cook 444-3148
FAX 444-1369

School Finance Division

1227 11th Ave. 2nd Floor, Helena, MT 59620
PO Box 202501 Helena, MT 59620
Division Administrator, Kara Sperle 444-3249
Budget Analyst/Data Manager, Paul Taylor 444-1257
Financial Specialist/Budgets/Payments/Data Analyst/Structure Change, Maria Haefka 444-1960
Financial Specialist/Audit Monitoring/Facilities Reimbursement/Payments/County, Kathleen Wanner 444-9852
Financial Specialist/Enrollment/Budget Amendments/Taxable Value and Structure Change, Nica Merala 444-4401
Computer Support Specialist/MAEFAIRS HELP Desk, Deb Casey 444-3096
Financial Specialist/Pupil Transportation, Donell Rosenthal 444-3024
Financial Specialist/School Finance Training/Impact Aid/Tuition/Elections, Nicole Thuotte 444-4524
Financial Specialist/ GAAP Accounting/Budgets/Data Analyst, Stephen Hamel 444-0783
FAX 444-0509


1227 11th Ave. 1st Floor, Helena, MT 59620
PO Box 202501 Helena, MT 59620
Division Administrator, Jim Gietzen 444-0709
School Computer Equipment Program, Scott Buswell 495-9695
FAX 444-1369

Network Services Bureau

1227 11th Ave. 1st Floor, Helena, MT 59620
PO Box 202501 Helena, MT 59620

Network Services Bureau Chief, Manuel Soto 444-3031
Database Administrator, Don Peterson 444-3539
Network Administrator, Barry Obie 444-9690
Network Administrator, Mike Murray 444-3536
Security Officer, Alan Grover 444-3502
Security Technician, Kelli Haslehurst 444-3448
Desktop Systems Analyst, Dylan Dickson 444-0087
Help Desk Technician, Briana Ybarra 444-0087
FAX 444-1369

Resource Center/Web Integration Bureau

1300 11th Ave. 1st Floor, Helena, MT 59620
PO Box 202501 Helena, MT 59620
Librarian, Annika Robbins 444-2082
FAX 444-3924

Systems Development Bureau

1227 11th Ave. 1st Floor, Helena, MT 59620
PO Box 202501 Helena, MT 59620
Systems Development Bureau Chief, Michael Sweeney 444-4411
Database Administrator, Jake Massman 444-0715
Computer Systems Analyst, Cindie Tenneson 444-1962
Computer Systems Analyst, Lynnette Geske 444-9860
Business Analyst/Project Manager, Anne Bauer 444-0727
Business Analyst/Project Manager, Carmen Pennington 444-0726
Computer Systems Analyst, Vicki Thacker 444-9870
Computer Systems Analyst, Cindy Swank 444-0730
Business Analyst/Project Manager, Tara Steinke 444-4607
Computer Systems Analyst, Robert Hoffman 444-1641
Computer Systems Analyst, Steve Meredith 444-3563
Web Developer, Janet Andrew 444-2765
FAX 444-1369