2701 Prospect Avenue
PO Box 201001 Helena, MT 59620-1001

Main Number 444-6200
TTY  444-7696
or 1-800-335-7592
Director, Mike Tooley 444-6201
Deputy Director, Pat Wise 444-6201
Director's Office FAX Number 444-7643
Customer Service & Building Security 444-6200

Media Contact/Public Involvement

Public Information Officer, Lori Ryan 444-6821
Public Involvement Coordinator, Jan Nesset 556-4707
FAX Number 444-7643

Transportation Commission

Commission Secretary, Lori Ryan 444-7200
FAX Number 444-7643

District Administrators

Billings District, Stefan Streeter  657-0268
Butte District, Jeffery Ebert 494-9625
Glendive District, Shane Mintz 345-8212
Great Falls District, Dave Hand 454-5887
Missoula District, Ed Toavs 523-5802

Office of Civil Rights

Main Number 444-6331
Operations Chief, Patti McCubbins 444-6042
Supervisor, Megan Handl 444-6324
DBE Specialist, Maggie Metzger 444-6337
DBE Specialist, Maghan Strachan 444-0841
DBE Supportive Services Coordinator, Shannon Hahn 444-7287
External ADA Coordinator, Matt Maze 444-5416
Internal ADA Coordinator, Alice Flesch 444-9229
Affirmative Action Officer, Vacant 444-6044
Title VI, Title VII, and EEO, Nicole Cosby 444-6334
Contractor Labor/EEO, Kathleen Terrio 444-6045
FAX Number 444-7243

Audit Services Unit

Main Number 444-7609
Chief Auditor, Vickie Murphy 444-6104
Internal Audit Manager, Chris Curran 444-7283
External Audit Manager, Brenda Crawford 444-9223
Motor Fuel Audit Manager, Helen Varcoe 431-2644
FAX Number 444-9244

Legal Services Unit

Main Number 444-6090
Chief Counsel, Dave Ohler 444-6094
Staff Attorney, Ed Beaudette 444-9428
Staff Attorney, Eli Clarkson 444-9058
Staff Attorney, Jolyn Eggart 444-6093
Staff Attorney, Carol Grell-Morris 444-7649
Staff Attorney, Lee McKenna 581-1340
Staff Attorney, Susan Rebeck 444-6096
Staff Attorney, Valerie Wilson 444-6065
Paralegal, Kelly Johnson 444-9455
Legal Secretary, Brittany Davis 444-7277
FAX Number 444-7206


Main Number 444-6030
Administrator, Larry Flynn 444-9418
Main FAX Number 444-5411

Accounting Controls Bureau

Chief Accountant, Dave Hamer 444-0859
Accounting Controls Supervisor, Jason Gilliam 444-6025
Purchasing Supervisor, Meghan Serviss 444-6365
FAX Number 444-5411

Budget & Planning Bureau

Bureau Chief, Nicole Pallister 444-0884
Budget Supervisor, Roche Juneau 444-7665
Fiscal Programming Supervisor, Lisa Hurley 444-9327
FAX Number 444-5411

Fiscal Operations Bureau

Bureau Chief, Linda Hicks 444-6037
Accounting Systems Supervisor, Tara Preston 444-6023
Collections Supervisor, Marie Stark 444-7274
Motor Fuels Supervisor, Tracy Halubka 444-0806
Mailroom 444-7248
FAX Number 444-5411
Payroll Supervisor, Leah Kailey 444-6874
FAX Number 444-6032

Motor Fuels Information

Agriculture, PTO and off-road refunds 444-7248
Questions or information on filing tax reports for Reefer, IFTA 444-7664
Gasoline, Special Fuel (Contractors), Natural Gas/Propane,
Motor Fuel A/Rs
FAX Number 444-5411


2630 Airport Road
PO Box 200507, Helena, MT 59620-0507

Main Number 444-2506
Administrator, Debbie Alke 444-9569
Financial Contact, Effie Benoit 444-9580
FAX Number 444-2519

Airport/Airways Bureau

Main Number 444-2506
Bureau Chief, Tim Conway 444-9547
Aircraft/Airport Technician, Ken Wilhelm 444-9592
Aviation Representative, Wade Cebulski 444-9581
Aviation Representative, Vacant 444-9590
Manager Yellowstone Airport, Jeff Kadlec 646-7631
Ops Chief Yellowstone Airport, Jeff Heaney 646-7631
ARFF Yellowstone Airport, Vacant 646-7631

Aeronautics Safety & Education Program

Main Number 444-2506
Program Manager, Harold Dramstad 444-9568
Administrative Assistant, Stefani Demars 444-9566


Main Number 444-6201
Chief Operations Officer, Dwane Kailey 444-6414
Accountant, Matthew Wagner 444-6291
Preconstruction Engineer, Dustin Rouse 444-6005
Construction Engineer, Kevin Christensen 444-6008
Engineering Training, Brad Nelson 444-6333
Engineering Operations Coordinator, Mike Dyrdahl 444-6308
Financial Contact, Fiscal Officer, John McClafferty 444-6241
FAX Number 444-2486

Aircraft Unit

Pilot, Randy Link 444-6390
Hangar 444-0766

Engineering Information Services Section

OPX2 Supervisor, vacant 444-6310
OPX2 Specialist, Clint Jatkowski 444-6207
OPX2 Specialist, Craig Nelson 444-3143
CADD Technical Specialist, John (JJ) Walsh 494-9615
Financial Specialist, Brandon Anderson 444-6210

Bridge Bureau

Main Number 444-6259
Bridge Engineer, Kent Barnes 444-6260
Administrative Assistant, Teresa Allison 444-6259
Bridge Design Engineer, David F Johnson 444-6261
Bridge Management Engineer, Mike Murphy 444-6264
Bridge Maintenance Engineer, David Crumley 444-6320

Bridge Area Engineers

Billings, Jeff Olsen 444-7610
Butte, Nathan Haddick 444-9413
Glendive, Scott Walter 444-6252
Great Falls, Stephanie Brandenberger 444-7675
Missoula, Chris Hardan 444-9221
FAX Number 444-6155

Construction Administration Services Bureau

Const. Admin. Services Engineer, Lisa Durbin 444-0453
Specifications Engineer, Randy Boysen 444-0464
Specifications Specialist, John MacMillan 444-7606
Change Orders/Engineering Equipment, Traci Steen 444-6007
Construction Systems Section Supervisor, Kathy James 444-6327
Computer System Analyst, Lydia Stroop 444-9212
Computer Systems Analyst, Larry Stevens 444-6013
Computer System Analyst, Scott Senger 751-2049
Computer Systems Analyst, Riley Phelps 444-7661
Construction Training Coordinator Supervisor, Lori Stanich 444-6379
Construction Training Specialist, Mike Mullings 444-6245
Contract Administration Section Supervisor, Jeff Kirby 444-6021
Engineering Contract Specialist, Susan Foreman 444-6017
Engineering Contract Specialist, Leslie Lang 444-6001
Engineering Contract Specialist, James Anderson 444-9426
Engineering Contract Specialist, Scott Allen 444-6019

Construction Engineering Services Bureau (CES)

CES Engineer, Paul Jagoda 444-2413
CES Construction Reviewer, Bob Weber 444-6014
CES Construction Reviewer, Dean Sackett 751-2065
CES Construction Reviewer, Terry Wickman 454-5881
CES Construction Reviewer, John Huber 538-1324
CES Construction Traffic Control Engineer, Jim Winegerter 454-5897
CES Bridge Reviewer, Devin Roberts 444-7611
CES Bridge Reviewer, Fred Beal 444-6009
CES Constructability Reviewer, Supervisor, Jake Goettle 444-6015
CES Constructability Reviewer, Gerry Brown 538-1325
CES Constructability Reviewer, Ray Sacks 287-3868

Contract Plans Bureau

Bureau Chief, Suzy Price 444-6211
Engineering Contract Tech, Stephanie Hagerman 444-6215
Engineering Contract Tech, Mary Ann Bahnmiller 444-6212
Engineering Contract Tech, Chelsea Patt 444-6216
Contract Section, Mary House 444-6213
Contract Specialist Supervisor, Tim Tilton 444-9284
Lead Contract Specialist, Jeff Meyer 444-6138
Contract Specialist, Tom Steyaert 444-7258
Contract Specialist, Paul Bisom 444-6214
FAX Number 444-7236

Materials Bureau

Main Number 444-6300
Bureau Chief, Matt Strizich 444-6297
Administrative Assistant, Betty Huttinger 444-6300
Binder Properties, Robert Evans 444-6283
Inspection Operations Engineer, John Buchanan 444-6267
Chemistry, Terri Mavencamp 444-6273
Concrete/Aggregate Supervisor, Matt Needham 444-6294
Field Investigation Unit Supervisor, Mike Lloyd 444-6396
Geotechnical Engineer, Jeff Jackson 444-3371
Implementation and Evaluation Specialist, Jody Bachini 444-7668
Materials Certification, Mitzi Huft 444-6268
Non-Destructive Testing Supervisor, John Amestoy 444-7651
Pavement Analysis Engineer, Jim Davies 444-3424
Pavement Management Supervisor, Mary Gayle Padmos 444-6149
Quality Control Supervisor, Anson Moffett 444-5407
Testing Engineer, Ross (Oak) Metcalfe 444-9201
FAX Number 444-6204

Consultant Design Bureau

Main Number 444-6209
Bureau Chief, Ryan Dahlke 444-7292
Administrative Assistant, Sheryl Tangen 444-6209
Consultant Plans Section Supervisor, Bryan Miller 444-9413
Design Supervisor, Brian Vieth 444-9227
Community Transportation Enhancement Program (CTEP) Section Supervisor, Mike Wherley 444-4221
FAX Number 444-6253

Highways Bureau

Highway Engineer, Lesly Tribelhorn 444-6242
Administrative Support, Christine Qualls 444-9681
Highway Design Engineer, vacant 444-6244
Engineering Cost Analyst, Michael Grover 444-4188
Hydraulics Engineer, Mark Goodman 444-6246
Hydraulics Operation Engineer, Dave Hedstrom 444-7961
Photogrammetry & Survey Supervisor, Bryce Larsen 444-6321
Surveying, Ralph Jones 444-6020
Aerial Photos, Steve Barton 444-6322
Road Design Engineer, Damian Krings 444-6225
Tort Claims Manager, Frank Quilici 444-6254
CADD Visualization, John Ascheman 444-7410
FAX Number 444-7635

Road Design Project Managers

Missoula - Bill Squires 444-6228
Butte - Jennifer Nelson 444-6227
Great Falls, RJ Snyder 444-6229
Glendive - Kevin Gilbert 444-6230
Billings - Ryan Dahlke 444-6226
FAX Number, Project Managers 444-7635
MSU Design (Bozeman) - Chad Welborn 994-1843
FAX Number 994-1870

Research Section

Main Number and Library Number 444-6338
Supervisor, Sue Sillick 444-7693
Project Manager, Craig Abernathy 444-6269
Project Manager, Kris Christensen 444-6125

Right of Way Bureau

Main Number 444-6056
Bureau Chief, Rob Stapley 444-6063
Administrative Support, Christal Anderson 444-7683
Appraisal Supervisor, Paul Brown 444-6069
Design/Plans Supervisor, Dave Hoerning 444-7686
Real Estate Services Section Supervisor, Carla Haas 444-6071
Logo Signs & Outdoor Advertising, Pat Hurley 444-6068
Acquisition Manager/Access Manager, Greg Pizzini 444-6082
Access Manager, Joe Zody 444-9458
Utilities Supervisor, vacant 444-6080
FAX Number 444-7254

Traffic & Safety Bureau

Bureau Chief, Roy Peterson 444-9252
State Traffic Engineer, Danielle Bolan 444-7295
Administrative Support, Andrea Carroll 444-7237
Traffic & Safety FAX Number 444-0807
Safety Management System Section Supervisor, Kraig McLeod 444-6256
Railroad/Highway Safety Section Supervisor, John Althof 444-7247


Division Administrator, Keni Grose 444-6048
Kathy Overton, Project Manager 444-6051
Administrative Assistant, Elisa Schock 444-6054
FAX Number 444-7685

Occupational Safety & Health

Main Number 444-6054
Bureau Chief, Rob Virts 444-7673
Safety Consultant - Missoula/Kalispell, vacant 523-5862
Safety Consultant - Butte/Bozeman, Brian Walsh 444-6924
Safety Consultant - Great Falls/Havre, Will Cole 455-8331
Safety Consultant - Glendive/WP/Miles City, Conor Salo 345-8213
Safety Consultant - Billings/Lewistown, Russell Hale 252-4138

Human Resources Bureau

Bureau Chief, Amy Holodnick (acting) 444-9295
HR Specialist - Billings, Rachel Turitto 657-0221
HR Specialist - Butte, Shirley Cortright 494-9608
HR Specialist - Glendive, Joyce Ayre 345-8207
HR Specialist - Great Falls, Cheryl Winship 454-5886
HR Specialist - Missoula, Anna Ater 523-5805
HR Specialist - Highways & Engineering, vacant 444-6046
HR Specialist - ISD/Internal Audit/Civil Rights/Director's Office, Sarah Green 444-7285
HR Specialist - Administration/Maintenance/Aeronautics, Tami Bishop Rhodes 444-1849
HR Specialist - Planning/HR/Motor Carrier Services, Erin Root 431-7287
Compensation Specialist, Laurie Edwards 444-6053

Workforce Planning Section

Main Number 444-6054
Section Supervisor, Renae Johansen 444-0876
Recruitment Specialist, Angela Murolo 444-6345
Workforce Development Specialist, Susan Anderson 444-6262
Workforce Development Specialist, Kevin Murphy 444-5480
Workforce Development Specialist, Angel Molyneaux 444-7477


Main Number 444-6311
ISD Administrator, Mike Bousliman 444-6159
Technical Operations Bureau Chief, Gayleen Strachan 444-6314
Business Operations Bureau Chief, Jeff Sillick 444-7265
Applications Bureau Chief, Kevin Kauska 444-7326
Customer Support Supervisor, Teresa Yakoweshen 444-6311
Customer Support 444-6311
Technical Operations Supervisor, John Levick 444-6367
Operational Support Supervisor, Chuck Granger 475-4301
Records Management Services, Tracy Denler 444-7268
Printing & Duplicating Services, Jim Brady 444-6330
FAX Number 444-6127


Main Phone 444-7220
Maintenance Administrator, Jon Swartz 444-6157
Program Manager, DES Coordinator, Walt Kerttula 444-6319
FAX Number 444-7684

Maintenance Operations

Sign Shop, Harlan Davis 444-6357
Information Systems Specialist, Brandi Hamilton 444-0468
Roadside Specialist/Weed Coordinator, Mike Miller 444-6991
Maintenance & Equipment Training, Lynn Miller 444-0822

Road Conditions (winter conditions, summer construction)

Traveler Information Web Site
TOLL Free Number - Statewide Report 511 (in state)
or 800-226-7623
Program Manager, Kim Keltz 444-6372

Local Area Road Reports (Recordings):

Call 511 for local reports 511


Communications Bureau

Chief, Steve Keller 444-6305
Communications Engineer/Technician Supervisor, Dave Green 538-1305
FAX Number 444-6353

Equipment Bureau

Chief, Jeff Gleason 444-6151
Equipment Shop Supervisor, Wally Jester 444-7690
Equipment Reviewer, Tim Mahlum 444-6812
Fiscal Manager, Walt Kerttula 444-6319
Equipment Shop 444-6355
FAX Number 444-7234

Facilities Bureau

Chief, Mike Murolo 444-6163
Building Maintenance 444-6200
Facility Inspector, Joe Norris 444-7386
Administrative Support, Kara Fenton 444-6160
FAX Number 444-6032

Maintenance Bureau

Contract Reviewer, Justin Juelfs 444-7604
Contract Reviewer, Bud Pederson 444-6035
Contract Reviewer, Mike Miller 444-6991

Motor Pool Unit

Manager, Vonnie Jenkins 444-2682
Motor Pool Dispatch 444-2705
Motor Pool Rental Rates, Walt Kerttula 444-6319
FAX Number 444-0287


Motor Carrier Services Menu

Main Number 444-6130
  • For information about business hours, Press 1
  • For regular and commercial drivers licenses, licensing a passenger car or pickup truck in Montana, or vehicle titling information, Press 2
  • For commercial truck safety information, Press 3
  • To license and register a commercial truck for interstate travel, Press 4
  • To order oversize-overweight permits, Gross Vehicle Weight fees, or temporary trip permits, Press 5
  • To hear your options repeated, Press 9
  • To speak to other personnel in Motor Carrier Services, please Press Zero

Administrator, Duane Williams

Financial Contact, Jeannie Lake 444-6146

Licensing and Permitting Bureau

Bureau Chief, Dan Kiely 444-7629
Supervisor, Tom Winfield 444-0816
FAX Number 444-7670
or 444-0800

Enforcement Bureau

Bureau Chief, Dan Moore 444-0454
Administrative Captain, Eric Belford 444-6139

Operations Bureau

Bureau Chief, Dennis Hult 444-9237
Equipment & Supply, Bob Vonada 444-6141

Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program

MCSAP Manager, Jeff Steeger 444-4207
Motor Vehicle Inspection Section Supervisor, Rich Petersen 461-4105
Transport of Hazardous Materials 444-3300
Fax Number 444-7681

Commercial Driver Related Issues

Commercial Drivers License Information 444-4536


2960 Prospect Avenue

Main Number 444-3423
Administrator, Lynn Zanto 444-3445
Fiscal Officer, Rebecca Phillips 444-6100
FAX Number 444-7671

Policy Programs and Performance Bureau

Bureau Chief, Jim Skinner 444-9233
Project Analysis Manager, Paul Johnson 444-7259
Secondary Roads, Wayne Noem 444-6109

Data and Statistics Bureau

Bureau Chief, Ed Ereth 444-6111
Traffic Data Collection Section Supervisor, Becky Duke 444-6122
Road Inventory & Mapping Section Supervisor, Brian Andersen 444-6103
Special Map Requests, Brian Andersen 444-6103
State Map Requests 444-3423

Multimodal Planning Bureau

Bureau Chief, Christopher Dorrington 444-7239
Statewide Urban & Planning Supervisor, Carol Strizich 444-9240
Bike Ped Coordinator, Michelle Erb 444-9273

Environmental Services Bureau

Main Number 444-7228
Bureau Chief, Tom Martin 444-0879
Hazardous Waste Section Supervisor, Joe Radonich 444-9204
Engineering Section Supervisor, Heidy Bruner 444-7203
Resources Section Supervisor, Bill Semmens 444-7227
FAX Number 444-7245

Grants Bureau

Bureau Chief, Audrey Allums 444-4210
Transit Supervisor, David Jacobs 444-9192

Highway Traffic Safety Office

Safety Officer, Janet Kenny 444-7417
Operations Research Analyst, Mark Keeffe 444-3423
FARS Analyst, John Robinson 444-7302
Occupant Protection Program Manager, Pam Buckman 444-0809
Impaired Driving Prevention Programs, Kevin Dusko 444-7411
FAX Number 444-9409