State Librarian's Office

1515 E Sixth Ave
PO Box 201800
Helena, MT 59620-1800
(406) 444-3115
Fax (406) 444-0266
TDD (Telephone Device for the Deaf) (406) 444-3005

State Librarian, Jennie Stapp 444-3116

Central Services

Central Services Manager, Kris Schmitz 444-3117
GIS Web Developer, Stacy Bruhn 444-0197
Marketing & Communications Director, Eve Byron 444-5357
Accounting Technician, Carol Churchill 444-5348
Data Technician, Colleen Hamer 444-5206
Web System Manager, Tom Marino 444-0243
Network Administrator, Cindy Phillips 444-0537
Administrative Assistant, Marlys Stark 444-3384
GIS Database Analyst, Joe Tosoni 444-0223

Statewide Library Resources

Director of Statewide Library Resources, Tracy Cook 444-9816
Statewide Projects Librarian, Cara Orban 444-5350

Library Development

Fax Number 444-0266
Montana Memory Project Director, Jennifer Birnel (855) 259-0894; (406) 438-2041
Training and Development Specialist, Jo Flick (406) 431-1081
Lifelong Learning Librarian, Sara Groves (406) 444-5343
Statewide Consulting Librarian, Pam Henley (855) 419-2616
Statewide Consulting Librarian, Lauren McMullen (866) 730-1681
Statewide Consulting Librarian, Suzanne Reymer (888) 826-0837

Montana Shared Catalog

Shared Catalog Administrator, Jessie Goodwin 444-3004
Shared Catalog Systems Technician, Amy Marchwick 548-2539
Shared Catalog Training & Technical Support, Bobbi DeMontigny 444-0224
Technical Services Assistant, Jemma Hazen 444-0242
Information Specialist, Michael Price 444-5377

Talking Book Library

Fax Number 444-0266
Blind, Low Vision, Physically Handicapped and Reading Disabled Services Information/Reference 444-2064
Toll Free Number (800) 332-3400
Talking Book Library Supervisor, Christie Briggs 444-5399
Readers' Advisor, Jackie Crepeau 444-5362
Coordinator of Volunteer Services/Recording Dir, Erin Harris 444-5398
Readers' Advisor, GG Waldburger 444-5363
Readers' Advisor, Martin Landry 444-5397
Talking Book Library Collection Manager, Bert Rinderle 444-3398

Digital Library Division

Fax Number 444-0266
Digital Library Administrator, Evan Hammer 444-5355
User Services
Geographic Information Request Line 444-5354
Geographic Information Website
Fax 444-0266
Library and Information Services Fax Number 444-0204
Circulation/Interlibrary Loan/Reference 444-0201
State GIS Coordinator, Erin Fashoway 444-9013
Outreach and Electronic Resources Librarian, Jessica Edwards 444-5352
Client Services Technician, Karen Dimmett 444-3016
Digital Services Technician, JoLynn Genzlinger 444-5393
GIS Programmer/Analyst, Diane Papineau 444-4731
Information Management
GIS Analyst-Water Information System Manager, Troy Blandford 444-7930
GIS Programmer/Analyst, Michael Fashoway 444-2793
State Publications Librarian, James Kammerer 444-5432
GIS Programmer/Analyst, Keith Blount 444-9891
GIS Programmer/Analyst, Meghan Burns 444-0537
GIS Programmer/Analyst, Maya Daurio 444-0537
GIS Programmer/Analyst, Duane Lund 444-5371
Information Products
Library Systems Programmer/Analyst, Kenny Ketner 444-2870
GIS Programmer/Analyst, Vacant 444-5358
GIS Programmer/Analyst, Bob Holliday 444-0770

How to Use the Library

Request a library card, library materials or assistance with research through our web pages at

Links provide access to the library catalog, electronic journals, databases on business, natural resource information, and state government, and an index to full-text articles from thousands of journals published worldwide.

To obtain materials not owned by the library, please call 444-3016 for more information.

Montana Natural Heritage Program

Fax Number 444-0266
Program Coordinator, Bryce Maxell 444-3989
Finance/Office Assistant, Lindsey Weaver 444-3488
Assistant Biologist, Scott Blum 444-0241
Information Specialist, Braden Burkholder 444-0202
Ecologist/Project Manager, Jennifer Chutz 444-0231
Data Systems Coordinator, Karen Coleman 444-3321
Ecologist/GIS Specialist, Joe Fortier 243-5196
GIS Specialist, Jamul Hahn 444-4793
Ecologist/GIS Specialist, Melissa Hart 243-5196
Zoological Field and Data Technician, Shannon Hilty  
Ecologist/GIS Analyst, Emily Luther 243-5196
Ecologist/GIS Specialist, Sarah Owen 444-4728
Finance/Grants Administrator, Darlene Patzer 444-3329
Botany Program Manager, Andrea Pipp 444-3019
Web Projects Manager, Dave Ratz 444-5691
GIS Programmer/Analyst, Claudine Tobalske 243-5196
Ecology Project Manager, Linda Vance 444-3380

Interagency Coordination

Fish, Wildlife and Parks Information Management Unit Supervisor, Janet Hess-Herbet 444-7722
Natural Resource Conservation Service Natural Resources Analyst, Cathy Maynard 444-4546

Other State Agency Libraries

Commerce, Dept of Census and Economic Information Center Library 841-2740
Environmental Quality, Dept of Planning Division Library 444-6763
Fish Wildlife & Parks Fisheries Division Library 444-2449
Historical Society Library 444-2681
Law Library 444-3660
Legislative Research Center 444-3598
Natural Resources and Conservation, Department of Water Resources Division Library 444-6601
Public Instruction, Office of Resource Center 444-2082
Public Service Commission Library 444-6171
Transportation, Dept of Research Management Unit 444-7693