215 N Sanders, Third Floor
PO Box 201401 Helena, MT 59620-1401
Attorney General, Tim Fox 444-2026
Executive Assistant, Julie James 444-2026
Deputy Director/Chief of Staff, Scott Darkenwald 444-2026
Deputy Chief of Staff, Mike Milburn 444-2026
Chief Deputy Attorney General, Mark Mattioli 444-2026
Deputy Attorney General, Alan Joscelyn 444-2026
Deputy Attorney General & Consumer Protection Chief, Ed Eck 444-2026
Deputy Attorney General/Legislative Liaison, Jon Bennion 444-2026
Solicitor General, Dale Schowengerdt 444-2026
Communications Director, John Barnes 444-2031
Deputy Communications Director, Anastasia Burton 444-9869
Administrative Officer, Joni Johnson 444-5862
FAX Number 444-3549


215 N Sanders, Third Floor
PO Box 201401 Helena, MT 59620-1401

Appellate Services Bureau

Bureau Chief, C. Mark Fowler 444-2026
Assistant Attorney General, Pam Collins 444-2026
Assistant Attorney General, Tammy Hinderman 444-2026
Assistant Attorney General, Jonathan Krauss 444-2026
Assistant Attorney General, Mardell Ployhar 444-2026
Assistant Attorney General, Tammy Plubell 444-2026
Assistant Attorney General, Brenda Elias 444-2026
Assistant Attorney General, Katie Schulz 444-2026
Assistant Attorney General, Michael Wellenstein 444-2026

Civil Services Bureau

Bureau Chief, vacant 444-2026
Assistant Attorney General, Matt Cochenour 444-2026
Assistant Attorney General, Peter Funk 444-2026
Assistant Attorney General, Pat Riskin 444-2026
Assistant Attorney General, Stuart Segrest 444-2026
Assistant Attorney General, Melissa Schlichting 444-2026
Assistant Attorney General, Jay Weiner 444-2026

Prosecution Services Bureau

Bureau Chief, Brant Light 444-2026
Assistant Attorney General, Mary Cochenour 444-2026
Assistant Attorney General, Dan Guzynski 444-2026
Assistant Attorney General, Ole Olson 444-2026
Assistant Attorney General, Chad Parker 444-2026
Assistant Attorney General, Joel Thompson 444-2026
Assistant Attorney General, Catherine Truman 444-2026
Assistant Attorney General, Ken Varns 444-2026
Supervisor Child Protection Unit, Scott Pederson (Billings) 657-3140
Assistant Attorney General, Theresa Diekhans (Great Falls) 268-3752
Assistant Attorney General, Karen Kane (Missoula) 329-1564
Assistant Attorney General, Anne Sheehy Yegen (Billings) 657-3157
Assistant Attorney General, Emily Von Jentzen (Kalispell) 751-2493
FAX Number 444-3549

Legal Assistants

Tia Corwin 444-9523
Beverly Holnbeck 444-1952
LaRay Jenks 444-5646
Janet Myers 444-3464
Wendi Waterman 444-2026
Jaime Burkhalter 444-1930
Jennifer Adkins 444-1997
Brittany Davis 444-2026
Kimberly Wollitz 444-5857

Agency Legal Services Bureau

1712 Ninth Avenue
P.O. Box 201440 Helena, MT 59620-1440
Bureau Chief, Jim Scheier 444-2026
Assistant Attorney General, Thomas Bowe 444-2026
Assistant Attorney General, Chris Buslee 444-2026
Assistant Attorney General, Sarah Clerget 444-2026
Assistant Attorney General, Andres Haladay 444-2026
Assistant Attorney General, Sarah Hart 444-2026
Assistant Attorney General, Kirsten Madsen 444-2026
Assistant Attorney General, John Melcher 444-2026
Assistant Attorney General, Ben Reed 444-2026
Assistant Attorney General, Rob Stutz 444-2026
Investigator, Katrine Bolger 444-5846
Investigator, Elena Hagen 444-9511
Administrative Assistant, Christy Reardon 444-9508
FAX Number 444-4303

Office of Consumer Protection and Victim Services


555 Fuller Avenue
P.O. Box 201410 Helena, MT 59620-1410

Toll Free Number 1-800-498-6455
Main Number 444-3653
Director, Matthew Dale 444-1907
Investigator/Program Specialist, Joan Eliel 444-5803
Program Specialist, Holley Johnson 444-5613
Program Specialist, Julie Rotar 444-4280
Program Specialist, DawnDee O'Connell 444-3728
Claims Assistant, Marcie Curey 444-5648
Restitution Officer, Amanda Eslick 444-7847
FAX Number 442-2174


555 Fuller Avenue
P.O. Box 200151 Helena, MT 59620-0501
Toll Free Number  1-800-481-6896
Main Number 444-4500
Bureau Chief, Ed Eck 444-2026
Director, Matthew Dale 444-1907
Assistant Attorney General, Kelley Hubbard 444-2026
Assistant Attorney General, Chuck Munson 444-2026
Compliance Specialist, Janet Bramblett 444-4311
Compliance Specialist, Ryan Sullivan 444-9405
Compliance Specialist, Marcus Meyer 444-4173
Compliance Technician, Dianne Ridgway 444-0576
Housing Foreclosure Specialist, Duncan Adams 444-2556
Investigator/Program Specialist, Joan Eliel 444-5803
Paralegal, Barbara Bessey 444-5858
Paralegal, Susan Sciandra 444-5776
Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Coordinator, Kaelyn Kelly 444-2649
FAX Number 442-1894


302 N Roberts, Scott Hart Bldg
PO Box 201404 Helena, MT 59620-1404
Administrator, Christi Jacobsen 444-5842
Fiscal Bureau Chief, Natacha Bird 444-5712
Human Resource Bureau Chief, Tim Schumacher 444-4229
Human Resource Generalist, Vicki Schilling-Long 444-3688 or 444-3649 (DCI office)
Human Resource Generalist, June Henderson 444-7005 or 444-2039 (MHP office)
Human Resource Generalist, Julie Lake 444-5528
Human Resource Organizational Development Specialist, Vacant 444-5714
Human Resource Onboarding Specialist, Kim Winkle 444-7077
Human Resource Office Manager, Susan Ames 444-1910
Budget Analyst, Nate Thomas 444-1992
Budget Analyst, Dan Stanger 444-9853
Internal Control Accountant, Caroline Rand 444-0671
Grant Accountant, Wendy Collins 444-5713
Accountant, Vacant 444-1926
Accounting Technician, Kathy Cunningham 444-5204
Accounting Technician, Vacant 444-5840
Accounting Technician, Sandy McGregor 444-1927
Payroll & Benefits Specialist, Gary Lunceford 444-7053
Payroll Technician, Ray Sewell 444-1925
Fiscal FAX Number 444-5534
HR FAX Number 444-1887
CSD Conference Room Telephone Number 444-9640


5 South Last Chance Gulch
PO Box 201408 Helena, MT 59620-1408
Interim Executive Director, Don Merritt 444-2076
Executive Assistant, Claudia Weiss 444-4244
Administrative Support, Kristel Matchett 444-2002
IT Manager, Jerry Kozak 444-1621
FAX Number 444-4722

Compliance/Performance Bureau

Compliance/Performance Bureau Chief, Don Merritt 444-2076
Budget Analyst, Connie Young 444-7361
Accountant/Human Resources, Stacy Purdom 444-6678
Accountant, Maureen Leo 444-2077
Accountant, Kim Deily 444-7010
Accounting Technician, Maia Zelenak 444-1998
Statistician/SAC Director, Tyson McLean 444-4298
UCR/IBR Program Manager, Kathy Ruppert 444-2084
Quality Assurance Reviewer, Candy Kirby 444-3651

Community Justice Bureau

Public Safety & Community Justice Bureau Chief, Mark Thatcher 444-3605
Program Specialist, Samantha Erpenbach 444-2947
Program Specialist, Tina Chamberlain 444-4763
Program Specialist, Vacant 444-1995
Juvenile Justice Specialist, Julie Fischer 444-2056
Juvenile Justice Planner, Cil Robinson 444-2632


PO Box 201417
Helena, MT 59620-1417
Administrator, Bryan Lockerby 444-2967
Executive Assistant, Jamie Lavinder 444-7068
Administrative Officer, Candi Mullenbach 444-3158
FAX Number 444-2759

Investigations Bureau

Bureau Chief, John Strandell 444-2053
Fire Prevention and Investigation Section, Allen Lorenz 444-2050
Sexual or Violent Offender Compliance Unit, John Strandell 444-2053
Major Case Section, Lee Johnson 586-0902
Medicaid Fraud Assistant Attorney General, Chris McConnell 444-3874
Medicaid Fraud Control Section, Debrah Fosket 444-4606
Medicaid Fraud Hotline 800-376-1115
Medicaid Fraud FAX Number 444-7913
Investigations Bureau FAX Number 444-2759

Investigative Support Bureau

Bureau Chief, Butch Huseby 444-9759
MATIC Section, Bryan Costigan 444-1314
CJIN Section Supervisor, Jennifer Viets 444-2483
CRIS Section Supervisor, Mike Richetti 444-3481
Background/Record Checks 444-3625

Narcotics Bureau

Bureau Chief, Mark Long 444-0271
Billings Office, Lee Cornell 896-4376
Butte Office, Blair Martenson 723-7461
Great Falls Office, David R. Carnes 791-2700
Kalispell Office, Shane Haberlock 758-5883
Miles City Office, Jeff Faycosh 874-3362

Children's Justice Bureau

Bureau Chief, Dana Toole 444-1525
MCSART Program, Dana Toole 444-1525
Drug Endangered Children Coordinator, Dana Geary 444-7022
Violent Offender Registry, Suzanne Krings 444-9877
Sex Offender Registry, Dawn Spencer 444-2497

Law Enforcement Academy Bureau

2260 Sierra Road East, Helena, MT 59602
Bureau Chief, Kevin Olson 444-9950
FAX Number 444-9977

Public Safety Officers Standards and Training

2260 Sierra Road East, Helena MT 59602

Executive Director, Perry Johnson 444-9976


2679 Palmer, Missoula, MT 59808
Administrator, Phil Kinsey 329-1179
Medical Examiner, Gary E. Dale, MD 329-1100
Forensic Science Laboratory 728-4970
Administrative Officer, Barb Fairhurst 728-4970
FAX Number 549-1067


2550 Prospect Ave
PO Box 201424 Helena, MT 59620-1424
Administrator, Rick Ask 444-9132
Operations Bureau Chief, Angela Nunn 444-5693
Legal Counsel, Cregg Coughlin 444-9137
Legal Secretary, Kathy Fisher 444-1973
FAX Number 444-9157

Audit Section

Supervisor, Allison Petty 444-2075
Auditor, Megan Robinson 444-9147
Auditor, Vacant 444-9147

Investigation Bureau

Bureau Chief, Dave Jeseritz 444-1971
Administrative Assistant, Pam Brown 444-9142

Licensing and Tax Section

Supervisor, Lisa Christiansen 444-9150
Administrative Clerk, Jaylene Spear 444-1971
Licensing Specialist, Cheryl Emmons 444-9145
Licensing Specialist, Bill Rainey 444-9146
Compliance Specialist, Marsha Smith-King 444-9151
Licensing and Compliance Specialist, Stacy Rogstad 444-9143

Technical Services Section

Supervisor, Ben Kamerzel 444-9133
Engineer, Bob Burke 444-9107
Engineer, Ian Lyon 444-9152
Engineer, Greg Janysek 444-9149


2550 Prospect Ave
PO Box 201419 Helena, MT 59620-1419
Chief, Colonel Tom Butler 444-3956
Assistant Chief, Lt. Colonel, Field Forces, Greg Watson 444-3956
Assistant Chief, Lt. Colonel, Operations, 444-3588
Financial Specialist, Natalia Bowser 444-3281
Fleet and Supply Section Supervisor, Sgt. John Spencer 444-1935
Communications Center Manager, Andrew Knapp 841-7001
Assistant Operations Commander, Lt. Lawrence Irwin 444-3825
Training and Research Section Supervisor, Sgt. Alex Betz 444-2025
Recruitment Toll Free 1-877-8PATROL
Executive Assistant, Karen Norris 444-3956
Personnel Assistant, Kristine Skaalure 444-3259
FAX Number 444-4169


302 N. Roberts, 5th Floor, Scott Hart Bldg
PO Box 201405 Helena, MT 59620-1405
CIO/IT Administrator, Joe Chapman 444-2424
FAX Number ITSD 444-1264
Information Security Officer, Dawn Temple 444-2412
Project Manager, Mike Cochrane 444-5603
Project Manager, Amy Palmer 444-1953
Administrative Officer, Judy Little 444-9561
Administrative Assistant, Stephanie Arends 444-2424

Application Services Bureau

Bureau Chief, Jack Marks 444-2476

Support Services Bureau

Bureau Chief, James Thomas 444-0553
Computer Center/Help Desk

1-844-331-4357 (HELP) 



Missing/Unidentified Persons Clearinghouse 444-1526


302 N Roberts, Third Floor, Scott Hart Bldg
PO Box 201430, Helena, MT 59620-1430
Administrator, Sarah Garcia 444-0295
Administrative Assistant, Kristen Hysell 444-3638
Administrative Officer, Dick Morrow 444-3252
FAX Number 444-2086

Operations and Customer Support Bureau

302 N Roberts, Third Floor, Scott Hart Bldg
PO Box 201430, Helena, MT 59620-1430

Bureau Chief, Bob Pesta 444-3659
Customer Services Supervisor, Nancy Hargrove 444-1901
Training Unit Section Supervisor, Holly Vinner 444-6571
Customer Service Program Supervisor, Karre Antonick 444-1990

Driver License Bureau

302 N Roberts, Third Floor, Scott Hart Bldg
PO Box 201430, Helena, MT 59620-1430
Bureau Chief, Kristine Thatcher 444-1778
Program Manager, Tammy Stefanik 444-1779
Driver's Call Center 444-3933
FAX Number 443-9270

Records and Driver Control Bureau

302 N Roberts, Room 262, Scott Hart Bldg
PO Box 201430, Helena, MT 59620-1430
Bureau Chief, Michele Snowberger 444-1776
Audit & CDL Section Supervisor, Patrick McJannet 444-2001
CDL Help Desk 444-3244
CDL Help FAX Number 444-1987
Driver Control Section Supervisor, Vickie Zincke 444-3289
Driver Control Section FAX Number 444-1631
Driver History Line Supervisor, Paige Mandera 444-1775
Driver History Section FAX Number 444-3816

Title and Registration Bureau

1003 Buckskin Drive, Deer Lodge, MT 59722-2375
Bureau Chief, Joann Loehr 444-6550
Vehicle Valuation Section Supervisor, Susan Roberts 444-6521
Administrative Assistant, Fay Johnson 444-6553
Title Certification & Records Section, Debby Brown 444-6560
Supply Unit Supervisor, Frank Slaughtner 444-6515
Dealer and Specialized Services Section Supervisor, Pam Reighard 444-6480
Vehicle Call Center 444-3661
FAX Number 406-846-6039


1301 E Lockey
PO Box 201425 Helena, MT 59620-1425
Supervising Assistant Attorney General, Rob Collins 444-0226
Assistant Attorney General, Mary Capdeville 444-0225
Program Specialist, Kathy Coleman 444-0229
Restoration Program Chief, Carol Fox 444-0209
Environmental Science Specialist, Pat Cunneen (Butte) 533-6882
Environmental Science Specialist, Doug Martin 444-0234
Environmental Science Specialist, Greg Mullen 444-0228
Environmental Science Specialist, Tom Mostad 444-0227
Administrative Assistant, Michelle Golden 444-0208
FAX Number 444-0236