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Montana is committed to making it easier to do business in Big Sky Country. Our governor and legislature have recently taken important steps to make the state more business-friendly: business equipment taxes have been reduced, regulatory compliance has been eased, access to long-term fixed-rate loans is improved.

In Montana, we make it easy to do business. We work with you to get your business started. We walk you through the process and remove barriers - without runarounds.

We have all the resources needed to run a profitable business. Our workforce is superior and ready to work - more than 89% of Montanans age 25 and older have a high school diploma, and almost 24% have a bachelor's degree or higher.

Education is a priority in the state with a highly ranked state university and technical college system. Montana ranks fourth in the nation in state and local expenditures for education per $1,000 of personal income and Montana students' SAT and ACT scores consistently rank above the national average.

Montana has state-of-the-art telecommunications meaning that business owners can locate their companies where they want to live. High-speed connections to major Internet hubs in Seattle, Denver, Minneapolis and Calgary are in place. Frame relay and ISDN lines are available in all major cities, with service expanding continually. Digital subscriber lines (DSLs) are available in some cities and will be deployed in most major cities within the next year. ATM switching and cable-based Internet access are also available in many cities.

Montana's industrial power costs are competitive with the rest of the country. The state also has transportation access and market proximity and is particularly well linked with Canada and the Pacific Rim.

Montana's economy is diversifying with high-tech resources, value-added agricultural products, electronic commerce, aerospace and research and development. Traditional mineral and natural resources still contribute to the state's economy as well.

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